How Andreas, Meyer, Evorhees and the like are purposefully hurting bitcoin

Firstly I will point out that it is Andreas wishes that this thread should not be censored and I suspect the mods will oblige.

We need to understand what it truly means to attack bitcoin, because there is good conflict and there is bad conflict. The above mentioned are taking part in, and fueling, bad conflict.

Andreas says this (

Moderation should always be about tone and not content

But he knows this is nonsensical and not true. Any rational person will easily admit that freedom of speech necessitates some moderation of content. I point this out to Andreas, he says I didn’t listen to the cast, which I had, and I have done so twice now.

AA further goes on to talk about how theymos unfairly censors content that goes against his theymos’ own agenda, while AA simultaneously admits that he doesn’t even read the forums anymore.

If it wasn’t for theymos and the moderation here, this forum would be completely unusable. Everyone knows that ignorant newcomers want to scale block to infinite, and this is a very bad sentiment for the community to be over run with.

It’s a sentiment Satoshi would never have supported, and anyone that suggests that Satoshi meant to be so brash in regard to scaling should be moderated out of the dialogue for being insincere.

AA and Meyer, in discussion, paint the picture that big blockers must fight through the censorship provided by small block agenda. Nothing could be further from observable truth. We just recently sticked an obvious malicious botting attempt to downvote certain posters. Most of this posters are obviously against “scaling at all costs”. They were the sincere posters, and they were being attacked by those that support Andreas’s sentiments. He is responisble.

This is reality, we have evidence of it. With the mods here the real content would be drowned out.

Andreas is wrong, and he won’t admit it. And Trace won’t pull the lies from his site.

There is more I will get to. But I should also mention eVorhees who tried to suggest to the community that not coming to a consensus was driving bitcoin’s price down. This is a lie, and its deception. Anyone that knows anything about economics knows you cannot predict the markets. There is no academic literature to show the truth of this, nor could their possibly be. It is not the sentiments of the most knowledgeable players. Its an attempt to control the masses, to follow his own agenda.

The problem is that agenda is not truth, and its not valueable-its hurts the community and the world.

Andreas is wrong about how the words and phrases for bitcoin got chosen. He doesn’t understand evolution and natural order. He also doesn’t understand the nature of money.

We need to understand, together….

Money arises as a complex solution to a complex problem. The complexity of this problem is such that not everyone can understand it. VERY few people could ever reasonably claim to. And here lies our true dilemma….

EVERYONE thinks they know whats best for bitcoin. Everyone thinks they know what is Ideal Money. Everyone wants bitcoin to do what they want, for themselves. But this is not what money is for. Money is for US.

The individual view, the ignorant view is that bitcoin must be scaled and designed to become an ideal world money system. The reality is, this is impossible. It cannot happen like that.

Andreas doesn’t know this. Mayer doesn’t know this. Vorhees doesn’t know this. Gavin doesn’t know this.

What they are telling you is wrong. We don’t want the people to decide the fate of bitcoin. We want its creators to, this is the nature of money and the solution it provides.

Hayek knows this. Szabo knows this. Nash knows this. Satoshi knows this which is why he isn’t in this debate.

We of Terra could be taught how to have ideal monetary systems if wise and benevolent extraterrestrials were to take us in hand and administer our national money systems~Ideal Money

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