How do we bring Ideal Money about?

Each of is living our lives to our best ability, in regard to the hands we are dealt, and with a mix of intent to satisfy our own wants, desires, and passions, and with some level of inclination in regard to helping our family, friends, fellow man, perhaps animals, the ecosystem and/or the cosmos (ie everything in it).

We have a goal in mind, what ever that may be, and whenever it might be achieved, and we work on whatever means we deem appropriate that we somehow justify as leading to that goal.

This basically describes each of us, as the human condition, whether it was ultimately part of our ancient biological nature or whether it evolved into us as society itself evolved.

The popular misconception is that we might abandon, completely, the selfish pursuit for one’s desires and suggest that each individual should simply concentrate on serving each other, and that such actions will suffice for a society that provides far greater pleasures and alleviates for more suffering than the selfish pursuit.

The reason this is a misconception is something I will not go into here.

Regardless for those who either understand and agree or those that fully cannot (altruists), I think I can re-solve both views and any that fall in the range between.

First we must understand about the nature of money, society, and institutions, and how and why they arise. Society, that is a large collective of individuals, growing ever more complex, eventually comes to a point where the biological human being cannot be expected to perform nor understand all of the tasks required to sustain and/or grow a population.

Complex problems arise, and with them complex solutions. These solutions can be understood as technology, and especially in that it takes many individuals to build them (and so there is a certain time involved and implied).

Institutions are these solutions, often thought of as buildings, but are really just customs or complex sets of rules, and they exist not because of some history of secret societies that rule over the common man, but rather to act as sort of meta-vehicles that render complex problems into simple games, that can be approached and solved from the meta perspective.

Money too, arises (naturally!) as a technological solution to our complex social problem (we ALL share this problem right?), and so there is a special psychological problem that arises because of the nature of the problem and solution money attends to.

Money exists to solve a problem that the individual isn’t supposed to or can’t fully understand, and yet because of the nature of the solution, each of us knows and understands the “value” of money or in other words what money is for.

So a duality arises where on the one hand we have a increased and often irrationally/emotionally motivated want for money, and on the other hand we don’t really understand what money truly is or what it is for.

The problem then is exacerbated, if the money used by the people is subject to the whims of political will, whether it be of some real or fictitious elite rulers that control the quality and/or supply of a currency used by the citizens, or whether it is the citizens themselves that might exert their own political influence on the nature of the money used to serve the society.

Ultimately, and this is my conjecture, but it is also my plea, and in regard to the introduction to this paper (the individual seeking to serve their selfish wants but also possibly to alleviate world suffering), what we truly should want, is to levate an unbreakable standard between the largest institutions (nations/central banks/large currencies) in order to solve the largest (and most significant) meta-problem possible on our planet.

That problem is the Triffin Dilemma.

The bitcoin community has been fighting over trying to keep bitcoin a coffee money for the people, trying to keep bitcoin out of the hands of the big players, governments and banks. This crusade is petty, short sighted, and value-less to the individual and the society (not to mention scientifically unfounded).

Ideal Money, which is the levation of such a standard I allude to, that is for none other than the highest meta players of our global financial system, is that which will bring order to our global economy, and what that means to the individual is the attainment of each of our individual goals.

Ideal Money means, the attainment of each of the individuals selfish wants, and each of us can help each other (and our “selves”) achieve such ends by the levation of it, which happens through dialogue on the subject of “How do we bring Ideal Money about?”…which we must remember, from the very beginning of the dialogue, is a QUESTION, not a conclusion to be argued about.

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