The Levation of Transmutation

For the spiritual we say, “Ultimately we are all the same creator of this world, conditioned with the false belief that we are unique and/or separate”.  For the scientific we say “This world would be a better place if we all acted as if the former were true.”~J.Smithy

This works is the re-solution of Bohmian physics and Nashian economics (which itself clearly has cosmological implications) through what I am now calling, or referring to, as transmutation.

For example, Ideal Poker in relation to Ideal Money (and how it is to come about) could be used to observe certain phenomenon within the poker industry. That is to say, we can use Nash’s insights into the flow of money and relate them (in)to the flow of, not chips, but the players (we can hardly deny that there are instances in our history in which people were essentially treated like “units” in a trade and/or possibly like “chips” in a gambling scenario).

This is what we mean by transmutation, which essentially (and ultimately as notation for representing this arises) refers to that which changes and that which doesn’t change (not really two separate phenomenon to describe but a division of the former (A) in regard to the latter (B)).

So we take a concept, perhaps, that applies to one certain field, subset, abstraction,  or game etc (these examples are possible transmutations themselves)…and we apply the concept to another field, in a certain way and perhaps with certain restrictions (not everything always “fits).

We might say then that Ideal Money is transmuted to Ideal Poker, or transmutable. Or Ideal Money transmutes Ideal Poker etc (and vice versa).

A transmutes B.

The key here is that what really changes, or could be understood to change, is the perspective from which we are viewing the problem (barring some observer/analyzer problems/paradox’s I will re-solve otherwise), whether A or B is viewed as the problem (or the concept that is shared between them through the transmutation).

Therefore, in order for this to be meaningful (which really means shared) we need to have a common (objective) perspective from which to derive subjective perspectives from, and for this to happen we need Ideal Money which is a metric/unit of pure objectively created from an aggregate of our subjective valuation.

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