Re-Visiting 180 man Leaderboard Results (for 2015)

My most viewed article is Observations on 180 Man Turbo MTTSNG Variance. The article details a comparison between the 2013 leaderboards and the 2014 leaderboards on sharkscope. This writing compares those observations with the 2015 leaderboards.


ss leaderboards.JPG

By looking at the “count” which is games played we can see from the “Any Game 7 or More Tables” category and the “$5-$15” stakes level, the most games played is by Zombeeee @ ~15.6k games. The top 10 players for most count have between this and 10k games and the 20th player has played 8.6k.

In 2014 for the same category players lammas111 played 26k games, the top 10 players had at least over 16k games, and the 20th player played 12.6k games.

The conclusion of the original article was that players do not have a big enough sample size to show the games are (reasonably) profitable and there is no single player with a big enough sample size to give any confidence for a true winrate statistic.

It seems the popularity of the 180 games are declining and so this conclusion is only strengthened as less games are played/playable.

Therefore I conclude there are no longer any 180 man mttsng turbo professionals making a living on skilled money. That is to say the variance with the attainable sample sizes are such that no one can conclude with any empirical evidence that they are a skilled/winning player.


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