Please consider sect7G from 2p2, he is probably my number one choice from all of the posters on that forum. He is a moral player and understands the poker economy and the player’s perspective well enough.

Poker’s Value Measurement Problem

Do you know what it takes to make a successful site? Why can no other site rise to compete with PokerStars/Amaya?

Mason Malmuth suggests there is a “sweet spot” in regard to rake policies, do you know how to define this problem and solve it?

The 180 mttsng turbo field was long thought to be an entry point for aspiring mtt pros, but I have shown that over the years the amount of games the highest volume players play in a year is such that their variance is TOO HIGH for it to be considered skilled money.

This suggests mtts are even more suspect since their variance is higher.

HOW can the “sweet spot” be targeted by sites, if there isn’t enough empirical data to formulate an optimal rake/winrate solution?

What is Security?

And how can it arise.

Do we know that the bitcoin project, that most people believe to be an impossible technology (money governments don’t control), has never been hacked for its 7 years of existence?

Why is bitcoin so secure?

If you want to build a SUCCESSFUL poker site, you have to be prepared to be GAMED from many different attack vectors.

Your site will be hacked from all angles, not just the software, but also your promotions, the games you offer, the rules you state. You will be attacked politically and through legislation.

How was bitcoin designed to be protected from all vectors?

Because of the pressure of a competitive and successful model, security must necessarily EVOLVE. Do we understand how to create a model based on the evolution of security?

Patrick Bay: Building A New Paradigm for Poker

Please consider reaching out to, and consulting with, Patrick Bay:

Patrick worked for Amaya and has already helped bring products to the market. Lately he has been working on a decentralized infrastructure/platform for online poker which ALL sites can use in order to move beyond the legacy server models and centralized online poker.

Patrick’s work IS conjecturally secure from all such attack vectors mentioned above, but the paradigm is difficult to understand.

Reach out to him. He understands the future of poker better than anyone you will find.

Poker’s Greatest Lawyer

Also reach out to David Gzesh:

David Gzesh discusses online gambling at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference in San Jose, CA, May 19, 2013, hosted by the Bitcoin Foundation. For more information on joining …

He ALSO understands the future of poker better than anyone you will find. He has been around the industry since before black friday, and regularly engages in discussion and dialogue on the future technology that will shape poker.

Solving for Mason’s “Sweet Spot”

In order to find the optimal policies for fostering the poker economy there needs to be a new paradigm brought about.  This paradigm is both about changing the way we view that game but ALSO about translating that view, though programming language, into a software solution.

Who understands this evolution?




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