Cooperative Poker: a Moral Extension

Edit: a great example here.

I think the whole human race knew this for a million years; and then in five thousand years of civilization we have lost it… ~David Bohm “On Dialog”

It might seem quite ridiculous to attempt to accept a million years of human beings, and just as ridiculous to think that some time ago we lost a great technology.  But its important to understand the possibility of this depending on the credibility of author and in relation to the below.

We tend to see two separate markers in a certain players archetype: intelligence and awareness in regards to individual efforts in relation to the game of poker (I’ev for individual ev), AND intelligence and awareness in regards to cooperative efforts in relation to the overall economy of the game (C’ev for cooperative ev).

In today’s current viewpoint and environment, the ideal player is judged mostly on their skill level, with ‘extra’ considerations to other aspects of their character.  We tend to think of a players worth in terms of their I’ev, and consider any C’ev a bonus to the players overall worth.

Instead I’d like to suggest we realize the truth of this, and see that players have always really been a function of both I’ev AND C’ev, or that:  Player value = I’ev + C’ev.

So we might understand that although it is a seemingly new viewpoint it is not a change to the true fundamental natural of the game, but rather a return the truth and therefore the source.

Players might always have been a function of these two components but that in the past the average player paid little or no regard to C’ev and focused and developed primarily I’ev. Many players were birthed with a very low or even 0 C’ev intelligence/awareness.  Where as players in the future (one might hope), would at least covet them equally and possibly in an ideal poker economy there might even somehow be a shift towards C’ > I’.

One wonders what changes this shift might bring about…


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