PokerStars/2+2 Meeting Oct 15-17 2014: A Thread Every 2 + 2er Should Read

Below are some highlights from a very significant thread all community members should read.  The players have regularly met with stars for quite some time now.  The next meeting was proposed in this thread and players were asked to nominate candidates to a vote could take place to decide 2 representatives for the players community as a voice for their questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns.

It didn’t take long before respected post Sect7G was Nominated:

Because of past frustrations, the option of voting to ‘send no one’ was brought to the table with much support:

Then another nomination with the purpose of further being dismissive in respond to Stars failing customer service:

GGRJ Has attended these meetings before as a player rep, and seems to disagree that futile meetings warrant not sending them again to get nothing accomplished on behalf of the players:

Mike Haven doesn’t support the idea of sending a clear message to Poker Stars:

Enter Jazzmasterpro

Sect7G seems to support JMP, “Awesome post Jazzmasterpro”:

2nd post from Jazzmasterpro

Sect7G accepts with the caveat that he is sent with another player that has already represented the players:

GoGetaRealJob (GGRJ) is nominated and accepts.  Mike Haven announces the first and only nomination?:

DonkeyStars accepts his supporters votes as a nomination:

DonkeyStars is announced by Mike Haven as the 2nd nomination:

3rd post from Jazzmasterpro

4th post from Jazzmasterpro

Protential nominates FightingCoward who accepts:

5th post from Jazzmasterpro

Jazzmasterpro in response to this post gives a rebuttal:

Jazzmasterpro RE: Sect7G

Sect7G promptly nominates Jazzmasterpro:

Mike Haven quickly reveals Jazzmasterpro’s previous (well known) identities, banned for Ideal Poker related material:

Mike Haven announces 24 hours to vote:

“Management” decides there will be no vote. GoGetaRealJob and Fightingcoward win by…default?!:

After the meeting took place a report was sent to Poker Stars to be reviewed, as it is common practice for the player reps to sign non disclosure agreements:

Confirmed Poker Stars Steve is reviewing the report:

A week ago still no response:

Still haven’t heard:

Not as of Nov 12:


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