To the players community of 2 + 2

Recently we have seen some drastic changes in regards to regulations and certain economic aspects of the online poker industry.  Players seem to be waking up to the conversation about the political and economic structure of the industry more and more each day.  Your community is flooded with complaints about the overall industry and my fear is we have grown accustomed to the sick environment in which the game, and the players within it, currently reside.

Many people have opinions on this.  But opinions are easy to give.  Good information though is very difficult to find.  Like poker, 90% of the players do not have the knowledge of the top 10%, yet the 10% cannot drown out the 90%.  If we are not extremely careful ignorance will rule us.

When we see two players arguing for completely contrasting views we must ask ourselves, is it possible both players are learned?  Perhaps we cannot discern the truth of each side, however we might all be able to agree there is a great debate about us.

How did this debate come about?  We must ask these questions.  They are far more important than debating and disagreeing on mute and obvious points.

When you or another player wishes to assert a certain opinion as fact, please stop to ask whether or not this person has a deep understanding of the fundamentals of poker AND more importantly, do they have a deep understanding of the economics of the game?  Lastly we need to ask if this person, whether you or someone else, is able to apply the economics of poker, to the larger picture of the global economics of our civilization.

Without passing this initial litmus test we might reason without discerning the ultimate truth, such a person is not worthy of stating their opinion as “fact”.  And if they do, it might be, that the players’ can “widely distrust” their character and not put much faith in their “views”.


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