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As long as we don’t have to explain what comes first the chicken or the egg we can do this (ie we must relevate bohms “implicate” order). The “cubit” was obviously then born both out of the iterations of pyramid building and also the power of it as a consensus-vised/measurement tool, created them.  No doubt and not a surprise we find them coveted and preserved, yet the power of their numbers and systems evolved and moved on (if we follow szabo’s blog all the way up to the measurement devices that became bitcoin).

Launch the interactive, choose “khufu” and then “view from top. Stand on the pyramids: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/explore-ancient-egypt.html

And Bohm “On Dialogue” notes: https://thewealthofchips.wordpress.com/2015/02/12/notes-on-on-dialogue-and-in-relation-to-the-block-size-discussion-dialoue/
Then if we follow all this and the relation of block chains and pyramids to the concepts of what is ideal money and how does it arise and especially in relation to the nature and causes of TWON, we should in fact expect pyramids of different stages to have been erected separately across different continents (and possibly and likely taken down to build new bigger pyramids that supported larger civilizations). We have already forgotten our ancient civilizations so much that we don’t even realize without the pyramids we would necessarily be in the “stone ages” still or at least some form of “flat planet” beliefs systems (Although it won’t immediately seem so relevant).  And without fully describing the purpose of the pyramids and their truest nature we should thank them (or the lucky heavens), that they were so aligned with constellations that they might not at all be aligned with any more, that shows us some form of definitive period as well as some from of planetary actions).

Can we deny this?

Further then we must understand the importance on NSzabo’s Kula ring conjecture http://szabo.best.vwh.net/kula.html, because it is but a piece of the picture, since it necessitates another solution in which there is instead a nation in the middle for example four nations that circle it, BUT this time all on land (https://thewealthofchips.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/expanding-on-n-s-kula-ring-conjecture/)!  We aren’t finished formalizing Adam smith then http://unenumerated.blogspot.ca/2014/10/transportation-divergence-and.html#links Because now we must understand what it is between “nations” or divisions of LAND among tribes that sometimes arises the greatest wealth in the greatest nations.  And on a completely different spectrum it was only computers that arose our ability to solve certain problems such as the byzantine or the 4 colors problem: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_color_theorem which we have come to understand especially through games the important of such solutions on our social consciousnesses.


The significance being completely upside down and difficult to describe (in a form we might immediately identify), but we have created the scenario, the purpose, the only possibility that could arise the great nash equilibrium which necessitates the arising of a more ideal money, where money is the function, form, or symptom of the bedrock mechanism of that society (ie pyramid, gold, block chain).  We shouldn’t then be fooled by those that have not properly understood that TWON is in fact an “inquiry” and not so much a thesis, and that Adam Smith would not at all hate bitcoin http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/12/adam-smith-hates-bitcoin/?_r=0


But rather very likely have understood that one of the necessary pillars of a civilization is a strategic port, which no doubt arises from great water systems built of (and from) naturally great water systems. This allows for the type of foreign commerce and conquest that would eventually topple and wipe from the earth all nations and tribes (histories) up until some key points in history which include some simultaneous form of creating a “record” (blockchain) that stands the entire test of time that is effective up until the point in which we cover the globe and hit a secure equilibrium in relation to surprise conquest through the seas.


ONCE we hit that point of equilibrium, then we can go back and ask ourselves, from where and whence did we come? And now we understand what it means not to know how or why the pyramids were created, and what egypts’ relation might be to the sea people (that apparently and allegedly eventually conquered them), and what the Indus valleys relation might have been to its time (and to egypt), and why the “smarter contract” system of the indus is yet to be deciphered. This should begin to spell out a perfect relation of the cubit, to the bit, to the blockchain, and further on to the Q-bit.  Why should these things not be related?


And so what is now new then?  It is obvious we have conquered the world and achieved a great equilibrium of the 4 colors problem, and this shows up in the most evolved forms of “currencies” (USD CNY Euro etc.) that are trying to represent the four or five “Nations” that created the coincidences that created a higher form of “Money”. This money is more ideal but not ideal, as there is another level if there can arise a larger (more universal) consensus mechanism (bitcoin) built on another psychologically finite “building” rate.


And so we are both discussing not only the creation of the specific measurement unit that will ultimately arise from this different dimension and slightly different paradigm of both a new pyramid consensus mechanism that is gold, but also we are now putting on top the very cap of it.  Once we have this new standard, we are then able to, for the first time in history (ha) begin to decentralize our society, such as take the burden from the US of guarding both gold and the dollar and for example Arabia and Oil.


It seems then that Gavin humbly presents a very important concept and a significant event, which suggests probably, that he is in fact the architect, which is strange although he is from Princeton uni. It means we should not be fooled that bitcoin should be anything other than a clumsy pyramid, immovable, or not very movable like gold in relation to “money”, because bitcoins main purpose and its highest value is to bring stability to the major currencies in this world nearly over night, upon make and accepting this consensus of this condition (which will then birth the new faster fertile moneys Adam smith refers to in the above link).


It will bring the great equilibrium, and likely end war between nations, as we have now clearly shown, that war is the product of centralization (or the transfer of it (power)) and peace comes from a global Nash equilibrium of 4-5 major nations of significant interests and not before it. This is the outline, I have a whole paper to write.






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