Greece and 7 reform proposals (letter to Euro Group): Highlighting the Significance and Relevance of iGaming and iPoker

For what is starting to seem like an indefinite amount of time Greece has been bargaining from a seemingly strong position vs the entire Euro Group for what it seeks for its debt reformation. Greece is in a strong position because of fears that a “Grexit” from the Euro might cause the entire coalition to collapse.

Interestingly and in relation to many posts from “theWealthofChips” of the 7 proposed reforms, one of them is specifically in regards to igaming (see reform 5):

In detail, the reforms list includes the following:

  1. Activation of the Fiscal Council in order to achieve savings in resources.

  2. Reforms aimed at the budget’s better preparing and restructure of the Organic Law on Budget.

  3. A non-permanent formation of a flexible body to target tax controls and curb tax evasion.

  4. Improvements in the legislation regulating arrears.

  5. Public revenue flow through framework regulation for authorizing electronic gaming.

  6. Reducing bureaucracy and elevating the business climate through public services improvement.

  7. Measures to address the humanitarian crisis.

Also see page 8 of the actual proposal letter:

Why does iGaming rank in the top 7 of critical reform proposals Greece is offering to the Euro? Astute readers of “theWealthofChips” already know the significance of such an inclusion. 🙂

Does the Euro understand iGaming in regards to taxation enough to call such a “bluff”?


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