Game Theory Exercise: Sitting out to Protest, “What is Optimal?”

Imagine on a certain day we might remember such as November 5th.  And players decide to protest a certain site. But presumably only regs know about the protest. The obviously significant question is, “What is our optimal strategy?”  It might not be so clear if we are to concern ourselves with GTO “optimal” or what we consider maximally exploitative “optimal”, because the question truly becomes about whether or not we want to cooperate or defect vs our fellow players. We might even consider different versions of both somehow.

In other words: If all of the regs are sitting out, then is it optimal for me to play poker on that day (ie the tables will be “softer”)?

Again like the questions posed here it is not about snap asserting your opinion, but rather these questions are aimed at the collective consciousness of each of us.  We want to explore them. Too many people are jumping to conclusions which are weakening the ability of the whole, while SOME people have been trying to get proper perspectives out that can be logically verified only when discussed and considered as a group.

When we stop to think about what the question really means we can expand it further: Is it worth 1 day of soft tables, in order to break the cohesion of the collective players will?

My argument for the answer to this is simple:

We are game theorists, and should be able to collectively arrive at the ideal solution, whatever that might be.  In this situation I suggest we let no “math” get in the way of the obvious conclusion that no intelligent players would play during a protest because losing the battle to lower rake is a far greater price to pay than missing a day of soft tables.

And any such math or arguments against this should be softly but promptly “shunned”, or even better the ignorance dispelled through better logic than my own. And for any players that do ignore the obvious “cooperative” game theory, we welcome them to play during such events because truly the are the recreational players who no doubt cannot know that they do not know, that they themselves are not winning poker players in such an economic environment.


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