The New Cycle

There is then proposed a new cycle, whereas the old method to deal with addiction was to want to change, detox, rehab, sobriety, now we have a more complex cycle:

Getting an Addict Home (An Addict Will Do Anything For Their Drug)

First the addict needs to be around family, friends, and other safe support in order to have a chance at succeeding.  We have known this, but its not a step that traditionally we could focus on because there wasn’t a reasonable way for family to affect this.  Most families can’t and are unwilling to by drugs.  Its expensive, dangerous, and most people don’t have the knowledge or resources to do this.  Since beating difficult addiction has such a low probability its not at all worth the efforts and so we have called such actions enabling. We suggest people must hit rock bottom and enabling them stops them from doing so.  One the other hand it is true that if family had these drugs that the addict would never leave.  We say the mind of an addict is complex and they will often lie and you can never trust them.  Trust is a funny thing dependent on how you use its definition.  If you trust an addict with your money that’s silly.  But if you want to trust and addict will show up for their supply of their drug of choice you can go ahead and bet your life on it.

We can get the addict home, we can get drugs safely and cheaply, but what we need is a high probably the addict will seek sobriety.  This is exactly the solution I wish to present.

In regards to getting them home, for many peoples specifically needles are a deal breaker.  But I think for most really its the peoples that are the deal breaker.  Here there could be a simply deal: You can use at my house, but if you tell any of your friends where you live then I won’t get you drugs and you have to move out.  I can’t imagine, provide the deal was legit and there were already drugs present, that any true addict would refuse such an amazing offer.

Getting an Addict Clean

Getting an addict clean I think is not as difficult (or hopeless) as it seems,  However this can be a complex and formulated process as well.  First, and something that is not so intuitive, there must be SOME trust in regards to the addicts willingness to come “home” in order to get high and be comfortable and able to get high.  It may or may not be appropriate or a deal breaker (from the addicts view) to decide that every time they come home there is the stipulation of getting clean.  But that said, I think that most or all addicts can true say they want to be clean, but they still get high anyways.  The other point is that every addict runs out of money and drugs, and so trading getting high again for seeing loved ones, getting food, warmth but having to get clean after isn’t something they can possibly refuse.  Further more, the whole “solution” here involving a formula and schedule of drugs including krathom, makes it so getting clean isn’t actually all that bad at all.

And that’s what it is, matching some amount of the addicts external habits and schedule with a similar at home schedule.  For most getting of needles is probably a priority (especially from family’s view), although pills vs heroine are more expensive.  Its unclear to me at this point what substitute will be reasonable from an addicts view, but it seems likely that any opium or heroine in any form, administer consistently WILL in fact keep the addict at home.  From here with love, support, nutrition sleep, routine, etc. different drugs and habits can be weened down slowly or substituted in such a way that the addict can have some control over their lifestyle.

Eventually there has to be some commitment to getting clean, which can and should generally happen as soon as possible.Basically the idea is the addict comes home, gets high for two or there days, then moves to pills at a lower dose and/or begins a Kratom detox.  A lot of fruit and vitamins, as much natural sleep (natural sleep aids and non addictive pills!) as possible.  Walks, talks, nature, touch from loved ones etc.  But no pressure.  Eventually 1 week of heavy kratom only sedation, and then a taper down to no Kratom but maintenance for the the cravings.
No pressure, but just the promise of a good life, once remembered.

Keeping an Addict Clean

There is much to write here but in regards to this writing we must understand the mind that has a deficiency that causes it to seek opiates cannot keep itself whole on will power alone.  What a terrible lonely existence for someone that lives in this world with this sickness but unrecognized.  I think there are many ways to heal and outgrow this ailment but the purpose of this writing is to suggest that Kratom can be used as a crutch so that our fallen loved one needs never go back to their old world again.

Healing an Addicts Brain/Lifestyle

When the brain learns it grows.  The brain is plastic in this form, but sometimes “outgrow” this plasticity and arrive at the belief that ours or others brains cannot grow.  I think we are bad at teaching and bad at learning. The key, once and addict is clean and relatively stable, is to learn and grow.  To change, to adapt. This is what we call moving on, not being our past.  It nearly matters not what we learn, but that there is true gain.  We call this gain confidence because of the effects.  It should be seen as a confidence that a person that stands straight is less likely to be a person under such darkness.

Relapsing and Repeating (Like its No Big Deal!)

There is a difference now, since drugs needn’t cause or attract stealing, violence, crime etc., relapsing should be seen as a temporary set back and not so important at all.  The addict must be free to relapse in order to feel comfortable coming home and trying again to get life back on track.  Relapsing is no longer so costly, nor so psychologically taxing for the peoples that are externally invested emotionally in the process (family!).  In this setting, relapsing will not cause the user to wander or veer far, they will be back for their cheapest most abundant source, and soon back in the arms of support.  Rinse and repeat.


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