Asymptotically Ideal Poker

In economics, an optimum currency area (OCA), also known as an optimal currency region (OCR), is a geographical region in which it would maximize economic efficiency to have the entire region share a single currency.  It describes the optimal characteristics for the merger of currencies or the creation of a new currency.~

Poker players are starting to realize what the Bitcoin community already knows: if the poker industry were to adopt crypto-currency payment networks, there would be an asymptotic slide towards rakeless poker. However, the barrier to entry is quite high, and it is popular belief that a mass adoption would be impossible (somehow this is a reasonable conclusion to people as if email or the internet itself might not catch on, or that technology is not growing at an accelerating pace.) This article outlines the next technology AFTER bitcoin as a solution to this barrier.

The author has been pointing out that this conclusion of impossible barrier entry can have no reasonable justification, with the evidence starting to show clear in today’s current events.  Amaya, under the reasons of entering the US markets, decided to raise the cost of poker in the perspective of the “pro“.  This caused an equivalent uproar, and it is the author’s firm view that this event is absolutely correlated with the cost of “effective rake” from the players perspective.

This means that it is in fact not some certain determinable number that becomes the ideal effective rake that sites might target with rake %, but rather that rake is very related to the public’s opinion on it.  What we are suggesting is in an ideal world (that we all know doesn’t exist), if all players joined together in complete understanding, education, and solidarity of this, rake % and/or effective rake would in fact be reduced.

This leads us to Asymptotically Ideal Poker.  The author wishes to make a distinction between bitcoin and digital assets offered by the decentralized exchange counterparty.  Please make sure you educate yourselves on the difference between the two.  It is our view that if the players created a digital asset with a finite number of “coupons” there might be these strong reasons (below) that suggest this could accelerate poker’s next evolution.  The coupons are exchangeable on a decentralized exchange which means they are very convertible to bitcoin (and in near the future to anything).  SOME of their multiple functions are:

1) early adopters stand to gain most
2) players would have incentive to educate themselves on crypto currency
3) players would have incentive to cooperate
4) creates incentive to hold a unique account thus creating single unique identifiers
5) the network created with wallets and “keys” facilitates a proper functioning democracy
6) facilitate a players committee or a union (or Ppa)
7) helps prevent collusion and fraud within the community without relying on third parties.
8) helps raise communities to forum 2.0‘s

As players begin to understand this project we will be designing our marketing plan mostly by discussing which poker sites, and other related entities (coaching sites, forums, live venues, radio shows, stables etc.) we can market the poker coupon to.

The coupon becomes a self sustaining economic force inheriting its value from the inefficiencies of the existing system.


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